How Was the First Week of Euro 2024

After much anticipation, the Euro 2024 has finally kicked off. The first week of matches was eventful and filled with goals.

Let’s take a look at a summary of this first week of games and also preview the upcoming matches. The remaining games in the second and third rounds will determine the teams that qualify for the round of 16 of Euro 2024.


⚽ Group A: Germany’s Spectacle in the Euro 2024 Opener

In the opening match of Euro 2024, host nation Germany put on a spectacular show for their fans. In front of a packed stadium filled with German and Scottish supporters, the home team triumphed over Scotland with a 5-1 victory in a thrilling game.

Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, and Hungary are part of Group A in Euro 2024.

Switzerland and Hungary faced each other in the first round, with the Swiss emerging victorious with a 3-1 win.

In the second match, Germany played against Hungary, and a 2-0 result secured Germany’s early qualification for the round of 16.

Meanwhile, Switzerland drew 1-1 with Scotland and still depends on the final round to secure their place in the next phase of the tournament.

To conclude this first phase, Germany will face Switzerland on Sunday, while Hungary will play against Scotland. These matches will determine the order of qualification from the group to the next stage.

⚽ Group B: Spain and Italy Stir Up the “Group of Death”

Group B, also known as the “Group of Death“, features the strong teams of Spain, Croatia, Italy, and Albania.

In the first group challenge, the Spaniards dominated the Croatians with a solid 3-0 victory. Italy, while not at their best, still managed to win 1-0 against Albania.

After winning their first-round matches, Italy and Spain faced off, with Spain emerging victorious, 1-0. This confirmed Spain’s early qualification from the group.

Meanwhile, Albania played an exciting match against Croatia in the second round. The Croatians were leading 2-1 until the final minutes, when Albania equalized. The 2-2 result keeps both teams’ hopes alive for advancing to the next stage of Euro 2024.

The final round of Group B will determine the order of qualification for the round of 16. On Monday, Albania will play Spain, and Croatia will face Italy.

⚽ Group C: England Wins with Difficulty in Euro 2024

Group C consists of England, Denmark, Slovenia, and Serbia.

England’s debut match was against Serbia, and expectations were high for a strong performance from the English team. However, the team led by Jude Bellingham who scored the only goal of the game, found it challenging to extend the lead.

Meanwhile, Denmark and Slovenia drew 1-1 in their opening match.

England’s second match was against Denmark, and their 1-1 draw heats up the final round of the group, where everything will be decided.

In the meantime, Slovenia and Serbia played a very balanced game, which ended in a 1-1 draw, a result that still keeps both teams alive in the qualification race.

England’s last match in this phase will be against Slovenia on Tuesday, while Denmark and Serbia will play simultaneously. These matches will determine the teams that qualify from this group.

⚽ Group D: France and Netherlands Start with Victories

Group D also features strong teams, such as France, the Netherlands, Poland, and Austria.

France’s debut match in Euro 2024 was not as positive as expected. Against Austria, the French team struggled to score. The match ended 1-0 for France, thanks to an own goal in the first half.

Despite securing 3 points, the French saw their star player, Kylian Mbappe, fracture his nose, potentially ruling him out for the next game.

The Netherlands meanwhile, defeated Poland 2-1 in their opening match of Euro 2024.

France’s second match is this Friday, this time against the Netherlands. On the same day, Poland and Austria will face each other.

In the final round, to be played on Tuesday, we’ll see Poland v France and the Netherlands v Austria. This will determine the Group D teams that qualify for the Round of 16.

⚽ Group E: Romania and Slovakia Triumph in Euro 2024

Group E might be considered less high-profile, featuring Romania, Slovakia, Belgium, and Ukraine. However, those who think there’s no excitement here are surely mistaken.

Romania debuted against Ukraine, showcasing total dominance with a 3-0 victory.

Meanwhile, Slovakia surprised everyone by defeating Belgium 1-0 in the first round of the championship.

In the second round, Slovakia will face Ukraine on Friday, while Belgium and Romania meet on Saturday.

To conclude Group E, Slovakia will play against Romania, and Ukraine will face Belgium, with both matches scheduled for Wednesday. These games will determine the qualifiers from the group for the next stage.

⚽ Group F: Portugal and Türkiye Lead the Way

Group F of Euro 2024 features Portugal, Türkiye, Czechia, and Georgia.

Portuguese fans were hoping for a smoother start in Euro 2024, but that wasn’t the case. The Portuguese team faced significant challenges against Czechia, even falling behind in the scoreline. However, the match ended 2-1, giving Portugal their first 3 points of the tournament.

In the other opening clash, Türkiye and Georgia played one of the best matches of Euro 2024 so far. In a fiercely contested game full of twists and turns, Türkiye emerged victorious with a 3-1 win.

Now, on Saturday, Portugal and Türkiye face each other to secure early qualification from the group. On the same day, Georgia and Czechia will battle it out in hopes of staying in the running for qualification.

In the final round, which will take place on Wednesday, Georgia will play against Portugal, and Czechia will face Türkiye, concluding the group F matches of Euro 2024.

🏆 Euro 2024 Weekend Matches

Check out the Euro 2024 matches happening this weekend and get ready to cheer:

⚽ Friday, June 21

Slovakia v Ukraine (14:00 BST)

Poland v Austria (17:00 BST)

Netherlands v France (20:00 BST)

⚽ Saturday, June 22

Georgia v Czechia (14:00 BST)

Türkiye v Portugal (17:00 BST)

Belgium v Romania (20:00 BST)

⚽ Sunday, June 23

Switzerland v Germany (21:00 BST)

Scotland v Hungary (21:00 BST)

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