How the favourite teams get to UEFA Euro 2024

UEFA Euro 2024 is one of the year’s most highly anticipated football events. The tournament occurs every four years and gathers 24 European nations, divided into six groups of four teams each.

The top two teams from each group advance to the Round of 16, along with the four best third-placed teams.

The 2024 European Football Championship will start on June 14 and run until July 14, the date of the grand final. Germany will host the Euros, with matches taking place in various cities across the country.

Next, we will analyse the main teams, highlight the players selected for the tournament, and put a spotlight on the favourites for the title.

🏆 The favourites for the UEFA 2024 title

To help you better understand the current form of each team heading into the Euros, we have selected the five teams that, in our opinion, are the favourites to win. 

We will give each of these five teams a rating from 0 to 10. These ratings are symbolic and will consider three main factors: squad strength, individual player form, and the recent collective performance of each team.

Let’s analyse the five teams that, in our opinion, have the best chances at Euro 2024.

⚽ Euros 2024: Analysing the German National Team

The German national team has always been one to inspire admiration from football fans across the world. The squad chosen for the Euros is no different and includes several highly talented players who play for top teams worldwide.

However, in terms of collective performance as a team, Germany has been underperforming, especially in their most recent matches.

Despite this we cannot forget the home advantage that the hosts will have.

⭐ Key Players for Germany: Neuer, Rüdiger, Gündogan, Müller, and Füllkrug.

🪙 Rating: Our rating for the German national team is 6.

⚽ Euros 2024: Analysing the Spanish National Team

Although in our opinion Spain may not have one of the strongest squads in the Euros, they are accustomed to lifting trophies and demonstrating their strength on the field.

Nevertheless, the Spanish national team boasts some good players in the squad. 

However, what has been most noteworthy is not the individual talents, but rather the team’s performance and collective organisation. These are undoubtedly strong points for the Spanish team in the Euro 2024.

Key Players for Spain: Le Normand, Rodri, Carvajal, Lamine Yamal, and Grimaldo.

🪙 Rating: Our rating for the Spanish national team is also 6.

⚽ Euros 2024: Analysing the Portuguese National Team

Portugal boasts a strong squad, blending experienced and talented players with emerging young athletes who have been shining in their clubs to create a promising team.

Additionally, the team’s cohesion is a notable strength, as well as their encouraging performance in friendly matches. These factors make Portugal a team capable of going far in the Euros.

Key Players for Portugal: Cancelo, Bernardo Silva, Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Rafael Leão.

🪙 Rating: Our rating for the Portuguese national team is 7.

⚽ Euros 2024: Analysing the English National Team

The England national team boasts one of the strongest and most valuable squads in the Euros 2024. The English roster is filled with talented players who are currently experiencing great phases in their clubs.

However, the team’s recent collective performance has not been perfect, which certainly raises some doubts about how this team will fare during the Euro 2024.

Key Players for England: Jude Bellingham, Cole Palmer, Phil Foden, Declan Rice, and Bukayo Saka.

🪙 Rating: Our rating for the England national team is 8.

⚽ Euros 2024: Analyzing the French National Team

Although we know it all comes down to the game on the day, the French team arrives at the Euros as one of the favourites to win the coveted title.

In addition to having big names in world football in their squad, France has been playing a consistent role. Even when not performing well, they tend to win their matches.

⭐ Key Players for France: Kylian Mbapée, Giroud, Griezmann, Kamavinga, Tchouameni.

🪙 Rating: Our rating for the French team is 9.

🏆 This weekend’s matches in Euros 2024

The ball will start rolling this Friday as the excitement of Euros 2024 begins. Here are this weekend’s matches:

Friday, 14th June
Germany v Scotland (20:00 BST)

Saturday, 15th June

Hungary v Switzerland (14:00 BST)

Spain v Croatia (17:00 BST)

Italy v Albania (20:00 BST)

Sunday, 16th June

Poland v Netherlands (14:00 BST)

Slovenia v Denmark (17:00 BST)

Serbia v England (20:00 BST)

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