Three winners claim the biggest prize on Premier Loto games!

Rapid Games one of Premier Loto Games

Just last week three players won huge prizes with Premier Loto games!

Rapid Games from Premier Loto give customers the chance to win cash prizes instantly! There’s no need to wait for a draw in order to win!

To start playing, simply ask your local Premier Loto agent for one of our Rapid Games tickets. They can print your ticket and you will be ready to play immediately! It’s that fast!

Rapid Numbers winner in Mzimba

The time it takes to play might be small, but the winnings can be big! One customer in Mzimba walked away with 10 MITA kwacha thanks to one of these popular tickets!

It’s easy to play Rapid Numbers. Buy a ticket and check the six numbers in the Winning Numbers section. Below this there will be 20 other numbers, each labelled with a different cash prize. These are Your Numbers.

If any of your numbers match the ones in the Winning Numbers section, you win the cash prizes! This means that there are several opportunities to win real money up to 10 MITA, and all you have to do to play is buy the ticket!

Rapid Xtra Numbers players win even more

So you’re not impressed with the 10 MITA kwacha as a prize? You can win 20 MITA instead with a Rapid Xtra Numbers ticket!

These tickets are similar to the usual Rapid Numbers ticket, except there are eight Winning Numbers and you have 24 numbers for a chance to match. Earlier this month two players in Blantyre each claimed the maximum prize of 20 MITA kwacha after they both matched all eight numbers!

50% more winnings on one of the Premier Loto games this Saturday

You can also find tickets for our draws from your nearest Premier Loto agent. Buy a ticket for our 5/90 draws on Saturday 28 March and you could receive even more winnings! We are offering a 50% bonus for two correct numbers or more on Chance 3, 4 & 5!

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