Premier Bet Malawi Coronavirus update: Protect Africa, Protect Malawi

Premier Bet Malawi Coronavirus

Premier Bet Malawi Coronavirus measures have been announced to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff.

Our priority has always been the safety of our staff and customers. To make this possible during the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone should follow the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

On top of this, we have announced measures we have taken to combat the pandemic.

Premier Bet Malawi Coronavirus guidance

Wash your hands regularly with an alcohol-based sanitizer, or soap and water. This will kill any viruses that could be on your hands. Sanitizer is available in some of our centres and we are working to increase the amount of shops with sanitizer facilities.

We request there to be no handshakes and for people to remain distant from one another in our shops. The virus is easily spread if people sneeze, so be sure to catch your sneeze as instructed by the WHO.

Do not touch your face, as the virus can enter through your eyes, nose or mouth.

Whilst we want everyone to enjoy Premier Bet products as they usually would, if you are unwell, do not come to our shops. You should self-isolate as per WHO instructions and seek medical advice if this gets worse.

Measures taken

Premier Bet Malawi is taking additional steps to combat the Coronavirus.

We are in the process of ensuring all of our staff have masks and gloves to protect them whilst dealing with the public. This is on top of increasing the amount of sanitizer we want to have in our shops.

COVID-19 awareness materials are being displayed in all Premier Bet premises, to give you helpful advice.

In these unsure times, we want everyone to be sure of one thing. Premier Bet Malawi takes the health and safety of our staff and customers seriously. Protect Africa, Protect Malawi.