Live Betting – Hundreds of markets on our site

Premier Bet gives you the chance to bet on hundreds of live football matches during the game.

Our Live Betting service offers hundreds of games and hundreds of markets, putting you in control of your bets.

Live Betting gives you the chance to watch the match and get a feel for the game, before placing your bets.

Another benefit is the opportunity to take advantage of big odds. Take for example Bournemouth v Manchester United on November 3, 2018. Before the match started, United were priced at around 1.85 to win. As the Cherries took the lead however, the price for the Red Devils to win would have increased.

Seeing as it took until injury time for Marcus Rashford to score the winner for United, you would have been able to bet on Jose Mourinho’s men to win at much higher odds than the pre-game prices.

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