Introducing Premier Bet's Bet Builder!

Premier Bet are proud to announce that we now have a fully functioning Bet Builder tool available to utilise on football matches, allowing you to combine multiple selections into one combined bet on the same game.

In effect, this works exactly the same as a standard accumulator, with every selection you make multiplying the total odds of your bet. Craft your own markets, combine winning formulas and maximise your odds with our Bet Builder.

Goals, cards, corners; whatever market takes your fancy, here at Premier Bet we have got you covered with all of the potential angles to bet on the beautiful game. Unlike some bookmakers, you do not need to make a request and wait for a response; our version of Bet Builder is an instantaneous service awaiting the direction of your finger tips, potentially making every incident within a match have an impact on whether your bet wins or loses.

How To Use Premier Bet’s Bet Builder

Go to your desired football match.

Click the Bet Builder toggle (as displayed in the above gif) to load the Bet Builder markets menu.

Click ‘Add Your Selection’ on your desired bet;

Once finished adding selections, scroll down to ‘Create Bet’ to check your selections and total odds;

Once happy with your Bet Builder, click ‘Add To Bet Slip’;

Choose your desired stake and place your bet!

As you can see, our Bet Builder function is incredibly easy to navigate, requiring a simple click of our toggle option to change your interface from the standard single selection betting markets to our multi-market area.

The image below shows the standard menu on Burnley vs Manchester City, containing available selections such as match winner, goals line etc, with these only available to bet on as single options at the displayed odds. You can see that our highlighted Bet Builder toggle is grey and to the left, meaning it is disabled:

However, once you click on the Bet Builder toggle to activate it, it will turn yellow and move to the right, with your screen changing accordingly to represent the fantastic range of markets which we have available to create your personalised Bet Builder:

Simply click on which ever market you want to further explore, and the tab will open up with the available options to bet on.

For overall markets, it is usually a case of selecting over, under or an exact amount. For example, you can select over 9.5 corners in the match. This is usually available to bet on in either half or each half too.

For team markets, there will usually be an option to select an individual team only or ‘each team’ (meaning both). For example, you can bet on one team to receive over 9.5 booking points, or change this to both teams by selecting ‘each team’. Again, this can be broken into one half only or both halves.

For player markets, the options will generally be ordered in odds order (shortest to longest). For example, in the above selected match, Erling Braut Haaland (36 league goals in the 2022-23 season) is displayed first in the goalscorer markets, while Jack Cork (12 yellow cards in the 2022-23 season) is displayed first in the player card market.

Once you are happy with your specific selection, click on ‘Add Selection’ to include it within your Bet Builder. This can easily be removed later should you change your mind or wish to see how removing it impacts the overall odds.

Indeed, at any point during the process of making a Bet Builder, you can scroll down to double-check your selections and the total odds. This is displayed under the ‘Create Bet’ tab, as shown below:

Here, you can see that we have created a bet for Chelsea vs Liverpool. We have selected six selections: Both Teams To Score – Yes, Over 3.5 Goals, Over 4.5 Corners for Each Team & Over 19.5 Booking Points for Each Team. This has instantly come back at total odds of 11.00. (You can find detailed explanations for specific markets on site.)

Should you wish to start your Bet Builder from scratch, you can select the ‘Clear All’ button on the top right, and your selections will al disappear. Alternatively, if you want to remove a specific selection, simply click on the bin image on the far right of the selection, and this selection will disappear with the others remaining. The overall odds will automatically update for you to see what impact this has made. You can then re-add it should you wish by going back to that market and clicking ‘Add Selection’ as before.

Once you are happy with your Bet Builder, click on the ‘Add to Betslip’ tab as displayed above, and the Bet Builder will automatically move into your bet slip. You can then choose your desired stake, place your bet, and wait for the action to unfold.

What markets are available to select on Bet Builder?

Almost all of the markets that would ordinarily be available to bet on as singles are also available to select in our Bet Builder area. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

Match winner (1X2);

Double Chance;

Both Teams To Score Yes/No;




Player goalscorer;

Player cards;

Special markets, such as woodwork to be hit.

Selecting 2+ of these markets – or any of the other countless ones on offer – will qualify your bet as a Bet Builder, making it available to add to your bet slip. Alternatively, if you wish to select a single selection, simply disable the Bet Builder to be taken back to the conventional menu.

Is there a maximum limit on the amount of selections or total odds?

Unlike some bookmakers, Premier Bet currently has no maximum cap in terms of the amount of selections or total odds you want to make your Bet Builder, meaning you are free to take it to the limit.

However, be aware that the more selections you make, the lower the chance your bet has of winning. The same is true of any accumulator, of course, but when betting on specific incidents within one 90-minute match, there is potentially more volatility involved.

We recommend that you keep your Bet Builders as simple as possible in order to increase your chances of winning, and always remember to gamble responsibly. But ultimately it is your choice how you want to bet, and we believe we have made it as easy and limitless as you want it to be!

What if I make contradictory selections?

Fear not, our Bet Builder tool is designed to automatically invalidate any contradictory selections, so you do not need to worry about making any errors in this regard.

For example, in a hypothetical Bet Builder, we have already added Both Teams To Score – Yes to our selection, before attempting to add Under 1.5 Goals. This would obviously not be possible to happen, as both teams scoring means there would be at least two goals scored in the match.

As you can see from the image below, our Bet Builder tool will not allow you to make contradictory selections (such as Under 1.5 Goals alongside BTTS), with the box displaying ‘invalid combination’ and remaining marked as grey. The cursor is also disabled while hovering over the box, preventing you from clicking on it to add it to your Bet Builder.

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