Have you played Hot 36 – Africa’s fastest roulette?

Hot 36 Africa's Fastest Roulette

Our online players are loving Africa’s fastest roulette game!

Hot 36 is one of the most popular Rapid games on our website. Why? Because it’s quick to play and quick to win! That’s what makes it the fastest roulette in Africa! You can sign up to play here.

How to play Hot 36

As with roulette, the rules are to predict where the ball will land after you spin the wheel.

Place your chips over the numbers on the table where you think the ball will land. Do you have any lucky numbers to choose? Our Hot 36 table is displayed clearly, making it easy to find your numbers and place your bets in seconds!

Once you have placed the chips over you lucky numbers on the table, tap the spin button to activate the wheel and see whether your prediction was correct!

Hot 36 features

Hot 36 is Africa’s fastest roulette because you can load it to your phone’s screen in seconds. You can find it on the homepage of our online Casino, which means that you’ll spend less time waiting for the game to appear. The table display is designed so that it’s easy to place your chips without making a mistake, and it’s exciting to watch the action unfold!

This means that you’ll use less data when you play! You’ll also be able to keep your bets in memory.