Have you bet on the Half-Time/Full-Time

The Full-Time market in sports betting is not the only sure way to lucrative wins in football gambling. Today we will take a look at the Half-Time/Full-Time (HT/FT) bets with a view of giving you a better understanding of how the market works so that you can better enjoy your gaming experience with us.

What is Half-Time/Full-Time Bet?

The HT/FT bet only covers the regular 90-minutes of a football fixture. This means that should a game go into extra time and penalties, they will not be factored in the determination of whether a bet was won or lost.  It is a special bet that is popularly referred to as double bet whereby both your predictions for the Half-Time result and the Full-Time result should be correct for it to be considered successful

Let us take the example of the upcoming Champions League fixture between Real Madrid and Roma tonight. If you are convinced Roma will be able to score first but on the other hand, you are quite sure they won’t win the match at the end of 90 minutes, then this would be an appropriate market for you. In a case like this, you can bet for Roma to be leading after the first half and Real Madrid to win at the end of regular time (2/1). Usually, the odds for this market are enhanced and therefore you will be in for a huge profit. In this case, Roma to win the first half but lose at full-time is priced at 21.00 here.

Applicable sports

The HT/FT market can be offered for any sport that is divided into two equal parts – football, basketball, rugby, and American Football, among others. As such, it offers nine possible outcomes for every given match as listed below.

Potential outcomes

Home/Home = 1/1 Draw/Home = X/1 Away/Home = 2/1

Home/Draw = 1/X Draw /Draw = X/X Away /Draw = 2/X

Home/Away = 1/2 Draw /Away = X/2 Away /Away = 2/2

Like you have seen betting on this market offers huge advantages as the returns are relatively higher compared to the normal Full-Time market. If you are looking for an opportunity to bet on this market you can do so here in our feature fixture between Real Madrid and Roma.

ature fixture between Real Madrid and Roma.