Big Winners: 24 Aviator players won a total of $181k in 1 Day!

If you don’t buy a ticket, you can’t win the raffle. Here at Premier Bet, we see players win big every single day of the week.

On Friday 12th May, for example, Premier Bet saw 24 Big Winners bag themselves an accumulative total of 313,130,000 MWK simply by playing our hugely popular Aviator game.

Our Biggest Winner on the day scooped 29,219,948 MWK from a total stake of 1,287,410 MWK, representing a gigantic net profit! On average, for every 1000 MWK they staked, they won almost 23,000 MWK in return. Not a bad day’s work hobby at all!

While that stake may seem high compared to most players, it is worth remembering that the majority of their investment would have come from their winnings made along the way from playing Aviator on that day, rather than from their own pocket.

Aviator is a game of separate rounds, too, meaning you can walk away whenever you feel comfortable doing so.

Regardless, you do not have to stake to those levels to win big on Aviator – or any of our Vegas games for that matter – as our third Biggest Winner on Friday 12th May proved.

They staked a more modest amount of 238,041 MWK in return of a whopping 21,067,667 MWK. While their impressive net profit was not quite as high as our Biggest Winner on that day, they averaged an eye-watering return of over 88,000 MWK for every 1000 MWK they staked!

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