Big Winner scores a massive 639,386,189.26 MWK win

Here at Premier Bet, we see players win big money every single day of the week across lots of our sports betting services. This month there is a fantastic big winner to celebrate.

What a difference a day makes… or in the case of our latest big winner what a difference 8 hours can make! Placing a 22-fold bet at just 15:45 CAT, this winner was yet to know that by the end of the day at 23:12 CAT they would win a life-changing amount of money. Making an exciting day of football even better.

With 13 of 21 match winner selections winning with a single goal, every second counted in order to clinch the win for our Big Winner.

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Kicking off with only a 300 MWK stake, this player is now celebrating the win of more than 2,000,000x their stake! A truly astronomical prize at the end of an astounding and exciting day of football. 

The drama didn’t stop at 90 minutes though for many of these matches, meaning that this betslip was won with some nail-biting results. From a 95th minute winner for Famalicao right up to a 99th minute equaliser from Wolves that was harshly ruled out by VAR, everything came down to the last minute.

Meet our Winner

Don’t just hear it from us, let us introduce the winning player in question. Temesgen Butamo is a 38-year old Ethiopian national that lives in the Dzaleka refugee camp. Becoming one of the biggest winners in Premier Bet Malawi’s history, he shared his thoughts on this exciting windfall. When asked how he was feeling, he said “I’m very happy, I thank god. I’m doing my business in agriculture products with the money I won and I will expand the same”. 

Moreover, our very own Chief Executive Officer Trevor Whitaker said of the win that it was “one of the biggest payouts we have ever done in the history of Premier Bet” and that the entire company was “happy to receive…one that’s so dedicated and has got knowledge to predict sports betting of 22 games”. 

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Lastly, remember to gamble responsibly and within your means to enjoy our online sports betting services to the fullest.