Betting on NBA explained


The 2018/2019 NBA season is just past the halfway mark. Of the 30 teams there’ve been surprise packages that’ve exceeded expectations, perennial performers and underwhelming teams who are playing way below the expected standard. Bet on the NBA by clicking this link.

So far, Golden State Warriors, champions for three of the last four years are bidding for their three straight championships and sit at the top of the Western Conference with a 31-14 record. Meanwhile, Milwaukee Bucks who have been splendid this season are cruising at the top of the Eastern Conference with a 32-12 record.

However, teams like Denver Nuggets, Brooklyn Nets, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers have been great this season with most of them sitting in the playoff places.

Last season’s finalist Cleveland Cavaliers are the team with the worst record in the league which is explainable given they lost LeBron, one of the best if not the best basketball players in the world.

Other teams who made the playoffs last season like Washington Wizards, New Orleans Pelicans, Utah Jazz and Minnesota Timberwolves have underwhelmed

Betting on the NBA



A game played through four quarters of 12 minutes each is very exciting for bettors. Whereas teams with better win-loss record will always be more likely to beat teams with worse records. For example, if the Warriors play the Cavaliers, most will favour the Warriors to win.

However, with the handicap, designed to give both teams equal chance in the context of betting in full time and overtime. For example, Warriors, which is the home team, will be given a -6.5 handicap. This means, the bet wins if they win the game with a difference of seven or more points.

The bet wins if the away team, Cavaliers, which has a +6.5 handicap, wins or loses with less than seven points difference.

Total Points. (Overtime Included)

In this category, bookies decide how many points two teams will score in the game.

For instance, when the Warriors play the Los Angeles Clippers whose offensive rating are inside the top ten the combined points would be set at Over or Under 235.5. For over 235.5, the bet wins if total points are 236 or more whilst Under wins if both teams score 235 or less.

Odd/Even points (Overtime included)

In this category, bet wins if both teams’ total score is an odd number for instance 179 or an even number like 220.

These are just some of the interesting markets one can use to place a bet.

Betting on the NBA is fun. Games come in thick and fast since each team plays 82 games through the regular season. So a team mostly plays after every two days or even more.

30 teams from two conferences playing in a nine-month span offers drama, enthralling match-ups and unmissable 7-game playoff series which offers feverish excitement to the fans as the qualified teams battle for the coveted title.